The Night Fire

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The Night Fire is a novel by writer, Michael Connelly. It is a well written novel with its amazing storyline and excellent characterization, which will definitely mesmerize the audience. It is actually a crime mystery thriller and this specific chapter is the 3rd book of the Renee Ballard novel series from the author. The narration for this novel is given by Titus Welliver. His partner in narration of this 10 hours long audio book is Christine Lakin, where both of them have done a great job together.

At the time when Harry Bosch was just a novice detective, he was led by an excellent mentor, who actually educated Harry to personally take up the work and set up unremittingly in every case. John Jack Thompson is that inspiring mentor, who is dead now, but post his funeral, his widow gave Harry a murder book, which John Jack Thompson took with him, when he bid farewell to LAPD some two decades ago. That has the account of the unresolved murder of a problematic young guy in an alley, which was used for drug deals.

Harry Bosch brings that murder book from Thompson’s widow to Renee Ballard and requests her to help him out about the case, which his mentor was working many years ago. That is actually the starting point of this complicated case.

The bond between Ballard and Bosch strengthened and they developed themselves into an arduous investigation team. The one worrying question was that: Did Thompson actually steal the murder book in order to work on this post retirement?

Trunk Music: Harry Bosch Series, Book 5 and Dark Sacred Night are other considerable novels by Michael Connelly, which are worthy to be checked.



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