The Night Tiger

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A wonderful tale for the people who have an acute desire to read stories that are connected to the modern and the ancient at the same time, the story also possess a spice of action but there is more mystery that is linked to the story than raw action that we assume from the title which of course has the word tiger tagged in it.

Yangsze Choo has written the story after investigating a lot about Malaysia and its people, the folk tales that usually haunts the towns and its natives. The narration is also done by Yangsze Choo which has made the book more appealing as the writer has successfully narrated the story according to the demand of the situation. The intense scenes are well portrayed. We see these elements quite common in other books of the writer like The Ghost Bride.

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The story starts with the description of a mystic tiger and the year is 1930. The era is well defined and the two characters are well portrayed and are fully developed. The story also revolves around a superstition according to which people turn into tigers and kill other men of their town at night. Ji Lin and Ren both are on certain missions. Ji wants to pay her mother’s debts by serving an apprentice dressmaker and Ren wants to find the lost finger of his master so that it can be buried along with his master’s body and he may finally rest in peace.

The story also highlights the servant master relations as well and fearful incidents of deaths that can increase the suspense in the story. The wording is well selected and the scenes are horrifying and certain places but still appealing to the eye.


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