The Obelisk Gate

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The Obelisk Gate is an excellent piece of literary art by the renowned author, N. K. Jemisin. It is a book based on contemporary science fiction genre. The things and the ideas presented in this book are beautifully crafted by the author and will keep listeners entertained and connected with the plot of this book right till the end. The narration of this book is effortlessly done by Robin Miles in a very professional manner.

The book tells about the ending time of this world and something which is done for the last time. There would be no next after that, whatsoever.

The season of endings, specifically of the world is growing darker and darker, just as we see civilization fading into the oblivion and more so into the long and extremely cold night. Essun, earlier known as Damaya, once even Syenite is now an avenger. She has now finally found a shelter. But, that was not what she wanted first, her daughter was still missing and no news about her being found anywhere.

Then there is the destroyer of the world by the name of Alabaster Tenring, who comes up with a request to make to Essun. But, if she agrees to what Alabaster Tenring has asked her then it would be big enough in sealing the Stillness fate forever. Far away somewhere, Nasun, her daughter was growing with power and her opinions and choices could break the world.

The Stone Sky and The Fifth Season are the other popular novels by renowned author, N. K. Jemisin. Both these novels are also based on science fiction genre and have a great story to mesmerize you with hours of entertainment with excellent narration.








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    The Fifth Season

    The Stone Sky


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