The Obsession

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The Obsession is a novel that will make you obsessed with the novel and also its writer, Nora Roberts. Once again, the author has blended romance with suspense, which makes a great combo for the book lovers to enjoy. Shannon McManus is the narrator of this novel, who has given a splendid performance, which deserves all the appreciation.

The story revolves around the central character of Naomi Bowes, who lost her innocence right at the naughty, when she followed her father on his way into the woods. In the effort to free up the girl, who was trapped in the roots, Naomi Bowes revealed the fact of the terrible extent of the crimes that her father has committed and that actually made him infamous.

A successful photographer now living just under the name of Naomi Carson has finally found a place that used to call her many miles away from anything or everything that she has ever known about. Naomi was looking for every possibly way to embrace the solitude, but Sunrise Cove residents keeps on forcing her to open up a bit. This was especially true for the much determined person, Xander Keaton.

Naomi could very well see and experience that her defense is failing miserably and knows that the link, which her new life has to offer is something she has always looked for secretly. But, her past as big as a nightmare this time is not much away.

Not only this one, but many other novels from Nora Roberts have sent great vibes all across the literary writing fraternity. Northern Lights and The Collector are powerful novels from the author that are worthy of listening in their audio formats.




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