The Omen

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The end is coming near after the end of every episode; Edward Brody is taking his fantasy warrior to the places unknown for a special reason. Gunnar luckily didn’t perish in the arena and got out of it with his aim achieved in one way or the other. Good thing is that Edgewood still exists along with its strange inhabitants. Because of some reason Gunnar just leaves the main scene and tries to settle in someplace far from the human world. Having the support of his guild has made him feel less isolated than he is.

A simple mission during these days of isolation goes wrong for Gunnar and he finds himself much deeper into trouble than he expected. Events that develop around him just make him forget all about Dryden and the high king. He learns certain truths about Eden’s Gate which were previously hidden from him. Holding those truths become tough for this ordinary man who has survived deadly things in Eden’s Gate: The Reborn and Eden’s Gate: The Sparrow.

Fate has given the hero a chance to mend all the things but one wrong move can also do the exact opposite of all this. Every step from here on needs complete accuracy or this ideal world which Gunnar has created for himself will fall. Pavi Proczko sets on the next gear in narration; the narrator knows the end is approaching which will need more intensity and graveness in the voice. So Pavi has started to experiment a little from this part to get maturity in the voice towards the last one which will seal the fate of the guild.

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