The Opal Deception

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Eoin Colfer’s favorite character i.e the cunning lad known as Artemis Fowl is back but he is not going to take any help from the fairies anymore. His past memories are all gone and his mind is clean as a slate. The world of fairies does not exist in his mind now but with it his mission to live a simple life is also erased. Old genius and the criminal mastermind is thus back for more adventure and earning. Official narrator Nathaniel Parker becomes business like in this novel at once because it is not the Artemis that the audience met in The Arctic Incident.

He made promises with his father in The Eternity Code but they are gone with the wind. Next tour taken to Berlin is of course for a criminal act. A rare painting that is present under extreme security of bank has attracted Artemis this time. His memories are all wiped off but Opal Koboi remembers everything about the boy because of whom she landed in a coma.

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Thus this cunning little fairy is back for revenge and she plans well this time by disguising herself in the form of a woman. Opal Koboi also devises a cunning plan for Holly Short because she too was involved in defeating her in the first episode. Fate of both worlds again depends on Artemis but this time he is not ready for all of it. He is just thinking of looting from the bank without being aware that his own trick is soon going against him. Finally the fans see someone who has outsmarted Artemis this time but everyone hopes that he gets his memory back in time.

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