The Original

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Life is not the same in this new novel by Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal. People are living in a robotic pattern and they have to get themselves injected with nanites if they want to survive now. This is the only way to live and survive, moreover, everyone has to go for check-ins on a weekly basis if they want to continue with their lives. There is also a risk that their memory gets altered but that risk is worth taking because it is a step towards immortality.

Still, if you get injured or get shot you can die just like ordinary human beings. In the middle of all that, Holly Winsted comes to her conscience in a hospital ward and she is told that she is not the original. She happens to be a copy of the original one and if she wants to live the life of the original then she has to kill the real Holly.

Real Holly is wanted by the government because she killed her husband because of some unknown reason. If the Replica Holly fails in her mission then she would be eradicated from the face of the world like she never existed. So it is a battle for survival for both women with the same face but different memories of their past life.

The Emperor’s Soul and The Lost Metal are good for new beginners in order to know the true skills and talent of the two authors. Julia Whelan is the assigned narrator for this marvelous piece of literature. This is a fight between mankind and technology, if mankind loses then it would be over.

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