The Other Daughter

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Mystery and thrill by Lisa Gardner leaves a permanent picture not only on the mind but on the soul too. This story is about a girl named Melanie Stokes who does not know anything about her past life. All she knows is that she was adopted by a rich family after her real parents left her alone in the Boston hospital. Who were her parents she don’t know and now there is no need because all of it happened twenty years ago and now she is well settled in life.

Blessed with an ideal family she just never thinks for anymore from the Almighty. Then all present around her start swinging here and there after she gets the first letter.

There is someone out there who knows about her true identity and also wants her to search for the hidden truth about her past. First the letters appear as threat to her and they turn into clues that take her further close to the deep buried truth. Murder in the Stokes family rocks her to the core and she is forced to realize that her life is also under threat after the knowing of the truth. If compared with The Next Accident and Alone, this one is more alive and the spontaneous nature of the scenes is totally new.

Also it is garnished by Brittany Pressley’s lively voice which is suited to mysteries like this one. Brittany narrates such stories in way that the listener starts feeling that she has actually seen all of it happening in front of her eyes. Terror in the murder scenes can haunt many of the listeners at night if they have a weak heart.




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