The Other Side of Midnight

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If you want to listen about love then the author Sidney Sheldon will provide you with the kind of romance that you would have not experienced before. Then in the same story, the author will further paint tales of suspense and thrill when you would not be expecting it in the least.

It is magic that the author has been gifted with and he has used it in the best possible way which cannot be surpassed. No one can forget the joy that Rage of Angels and Master of the Game provided to all the listeners.

This novel is the same as far as emotions are concerned but the story and the scenarios are different as compared to the rest of the books. If the listener has been a true fan of Sheldon then he will cherish each scene because it is so strongly written and the plot is compact like always. Catherine Douglas is the woman who is in distress on this occasion and all the troubles of life have attacked her at the same time. There is no escape for this woman who has been left alone by everyone because no one is willing to save her.

She has to manage a way out for herself if she wants to save her skin, otherwise, she would be going down within no time. Steven Pacey has narrated with the same stylish tone and accent which is loved by ever listener.

Catherine’s husband gets involved in another woman and at the same time she gets surrounded by the trap set by a Greek billionaire. Thus troubles are everywhere and getting out safely does not look possible.

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    Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress of the Game

    Memories of Midnight


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