The Outcast Dead

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The Outcast Dead is a classic novel by Graham McNeill, who already has proved his mettle by a good number of his other novels as well. The Outcast Dead is a contemporary science fiction novel and has a reasonably good amount of readership/ viewership. It is part 17 of The Horus Heresy novel series. For narration, you will be pleased to hear the powerful and expressive voice of Jonathan Keeble, who impressed once again with his performance.

The galaxy is not at the brink of burning, but it is actually burning excessively and in real. The loyal primarchs of the emperor prepare themselves to come up against the Warmaster Horus in a battle and then have his turncoat Legions right on the Isstvan’s black sand.

Such dark times manages to bring up new and much terrible things, which are yet to come up. At the time, when Kai Zulane innocently came to know about a secret, which actually threatens to shift the entire balance of the war. Therefore, he was forced to run for his life.

With a suspicious renegade’s band, Kai Zulane plunges right into the lethal underworld of Terra itself and hunted deep inside like a criminal by all those, who he trusted once. Standing right on the face of some serious betrayal, Astropath Kai Zulane is expected to decide that where his loyalties for himself lie and is there a possibility for some truths to be buried forever. The answer to that needs to be explored.

If you are looking for more contemporary science fiction novels by the author Graham McNeill, then some good and well-read novels of the author include: False Gods and Fulgrim.




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