The Outlaw Demon Wails

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One trouble and then another claims Rachel’s life that is not an innocent creature herself but our heart thinks that she is not the pure evil kind. The lady can sacrifice, first it was for the powers and no it is the secrets that she is dying to know about. From the world of the vampires Rachel moves to the world of the demons that is considered forbidden even for the vampires. Not crazy of course the lady delves deeper because the truth that she has been looking for lies in the core of all this madness.

Algaliarept the biggest of all evils finds in her the mistress he has been searching for throughout his life and she is not the one for the taking. Lived throughout her life on her own rules Rachel is not there for the taking if the one after her is a super demon. After dealing with two vampires at the same time the time has come to play the game of hide and seek she is skilled in.  Living between the worlds of life and death Rachel surely has what it takes to be the one who holds the ancient secrets.

Kim Harrison showed the audience Rachel’s true potential in For a Few Demons More we know what she is capable of and what is her true nature after all. Gigi Bermingham uses full strength in the narration of the devil world but a little word of complains still rises on few occasions. These errors can be noted if an old fan or listener is listening to it keenly otherwise nothing at all in any scene.

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