The Overstory

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The writer has mixed war with fiction and we get the taste of the real and fictional world every now and then which gives a good feeling. Is has been a habit of Richard Powers that he tries to move the story on two different lines at the same time and then mixes the two things together. The mixing is so accurate that most of the time we fail to detect that in which portion the two things were combined. Power of nature could be called the primary focus of the author as he talks about different people who are called back into the world so that they can fulfill one common goal that is given to them.

First one to be summoned by the forest is an air force loadmaster who met a tragic accident when his plane was destroyed and instead of turning into ashes he found himself safe and sound. There is another girl who comes from the past right after the moment she kills herself by electrocution. These different people are called by a small forest in which they come to know that the trees can talk and are planning too.

Though the trees can plan but they cannot take steps for their safety that’s why they need the human legs for the execution of their plan. The themes are linked to The Echo Maker and Galatea 2.2 but not the plot of the story. The motive is positive and narrated very forcefully by Suzanne Toren but the base of the story is still quite abstract as one cannot believe that a parallel world exists along with our world. And we can see it only when we start believing in it is really a far off thought.




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