The Pale Dreamer

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Paige is back with Jaxon Hall and this time wants to become the permanent member of the seven seals gang. For all these years she has been hiding something, a thing that she thought should be kept hidden from the world of mysteries and evil. Now perhaps this is the time that the revelation of such powers was due.

The society needs a ray of hope with which it can stand against the winds of persecution. The Scion London faces poltergeist that is on the rampage and causing havoc on the streets of the city. The different gangs fight for a prize and they have their own rules thus they can’t be united at any rate. It’s up to the seven seals then but they too lack the power to compete for the evil.

It’s amazing to see that Samantha Shannon makes the seven seals powerless, the force that was the most dominant one in the first two parts The Priory of the Orange Tree and The Mime Order just to make Paige an emerging character. The only option for survival is the true face of Paige the power that she hides in her mind and soul. Even the mime lord this time appears in need of the power of the dream walker and this is why he was after her all these years.

A wonderful novel which mixes well with the previous parts of the series and it is nice to see that the writer present the character of Paige in a different way every time we open another chapter of the bone series.

Alana Kerr Collins narrates without any change in the style. From the very first part we haven’t seen any change in the tone or pitch which is a nice thing for the listener who doesn’t like too much change or drama in the narration pattern.



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