The Paris Plot

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The story puts light on an important issue of the world war and how it can start out of nowhere if special attention is not paid to certain issues. How trivial things in the media can lead to a destructive result in the end. Joseph Werling puts him ever alert detective Izzy Stone on a special task in the story. The case which she is solving or chasing can cause a war between the two states if it is not solved and resolved before it goes out of hand and results in the massive killing of the general public on both sides. The story starts when the president of the US visits Paris and instead of a warm welcome he faces severe criticism from the French on the issue of war and terror in the world. Things suddenly become out of hand all of a sudden and a point is reached when both the sides fail to deal with the matter politically. Our main character is in a war with the whole world in the story and is in chase of clues that could help her win the battle that is almost lost.

The desperation in the voice of Ben Werling surely makes the drama in the story more appealing to us. He has very beautifully varied his voice with the change in characters. Both French and American way of speech is also kept in mind during dialogue delivery and is given full attention by the narrator. The writer also very beautifully describes that how a few words of the politicians can pose a threat to the national security and the lives of millions.

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