The People vs. Alex Cross

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Alex during the series has lost his relatives and friends in a fight against crime but the man has never gone down in energy. He fights crime and this is his passion and job which he holds dear no matter what the situation is. Whether his children and beautiful wife were abducted or he lost someone close to him one thing which he never did all his life was going against the law. Being a law enforcer he has been an example for the rest of the people present in the department.

Never in his life, he has killed someone for a personal grudge but there is a first time for everything. Andre Blake the narrator of this book narrates a very serious situation here in which Alex is forced to shoot for the sake of self-defense. But the people around him don’t believe all that because the person he killed was related to Gary Soneji. Gary’s name came in the series during the early parts such as Cross and Double Cross.

Later we never heard about him because he was terminated. Now a person related to him is shot by Alex and the department has suspended Alex until the trial proves him innocent. Alex’s family is also thinking the same thing that perhaps old grudge forced Alex to take that step.

This is not the only trouble the detective faces as Sampson informs him of another hideous criminal activity related to young girls. This time if Alex goes for the case it means he is going against the law but he has to do it otherwise precious lives would be lost. James Patterson through this novel also wants to raise the issue of murders of innocent girls that get huge promotion on the internet.

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    Cross the Line

    Target: Alex Cross


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