The Perfect Girl

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Gilly Macmillan is a writer known for her mystery thrillers and The Perfect Girl is just one of the,, where the modern detective role makes it a really spicy novel for the audience. Penelope Rawlins and Dugald Bruce-Lockhart have jointly done the narration of this novel and that made this novel a really good experience for the audience. 

The story in this novel is about a 17 year old genius named Zoe Maisey. She was a musical prodigy and had an amazing IQ level. 3 years ago, Zoe was involved in an extremely tragic incident, which left 3 of her classmates dead. She served her time miserably post that incident and Maria, her mother now is doing everything that she could to keep that devastating incident far away from the new beginning of their life. She was determined to hide these past events from her new husband and requested Zoe to do the same.

Zoe tonight is giving a recital, which her mother, Maria was planning on for quite a few months. That needed to be the performance of her life. But, by the evening of that performance, Maria was found dead.

Post that incident, everyone including Zoe, police and other family members tried their best to piece together that what exactly had happened with Maria. But just as Zoe knows everything really too well, the truth behind this incident was rarely a straightforward one.

Gilly Macmillan has his expertise in crime mystery thrillers and there are plenty of novels from the author that are worthy of listening to in audio book formats. Odd Child Out and What She Knew are beautiful crime mystery psychological thrillers from the author.

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    What She Knew

    Odd Child Out


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