The Perfume Collector

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Kathleen Tessaro takes us to Paris as the author paints the picture of a perfume shop with a special kind of fragrance in it. Heather Wilds also knew exactly what was needed in narration thus the narration has outclassed every other book. Grace Monroe was the kind of woman who had apparently everything in life and yet she was sad from the inside because something was lacking in her life. The job and the relation which she had with her husband was not quite perfect and there came a time when she got frustrated.

Finally Grace wanted a way out because her life was like a prison and there was no bright future in stock for her. Suddenly a ray of hope came, when Grace was told that she inherited a property in Paris. The woman got amazed because she knew nothing about the benefactor and now a property from her was a unique thing.

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So Grace went to Paris in search of the truth and there she saw the strange perfume shop which she had inherited. The perfume shop had three secret perfumes that mesmerized Grace to some extent.

Moreover when she heard the story of Eva i.e the previous owner of the shop she thought that the woman almost had the same kind of life as Grace was having at that time. So Grace decided to stay and finally rebuilt her life in that perfume shop. Rare Objects and Elegance type of stories make a special place in the mind and heart of people who are broken because of the hardships in life. This story also provides the theme that one should try to find a way to live if he is in a broken condition. Member Benefit

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