The Pillars of Creation

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The Pillars of Creation is another feather in the cap of writer, Terry Goodkind. It is the 7th chapter of the very popular Sword of Truth novel series. It is a science fiction fantasy thriller with everything that you expect from a novel from such genre. For the complete 22 hours narration of this book, you will be hooked and booked with the plot and characters of this saga, as everything is so beautifully fantasized. Jim Bond has done a great job in giving the narration of this book.

Jennsen finally seeks some help to bring her everlasting agony to an end, where she had been deeply tormented with a series of inhuman voice all through her life. Finally, she found a solution to makes all those voices quiet forever. The torment is about to initiate for everybody else.

Kahlan and her husband Richard Rahl have finally reunited after a long-term separation. They are bound to venture into a desolate and a strange land, especially with winters gradually ending and the fear of an army of annihilation increases in order to occupy their homeland. Their quest very soon turns into terror when they noted that they have almost become prey of a diligent hunter.

Blood of the Fold and Temple of the Winds novels tells another success story of Terry Goodkind as a writer. These recommended novels gained a lot of appreciation for their epic storyline and the way writer fantasized all those unimaginable situations and putting them into life. The listeners are left with no choice other than to believe this fantasy for real. Such is the power and creativity of Terry Goodkind, which you definitely couldn’t afford to miss.





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