The Pirates of Pacta Servanda

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New character emerge on the scene while the old one still remain fighting battles that can be a decider for the fate of the whole land. The more Mari and Alain try to reach their destination the more enemies they make and face. Everyone determined to kill Mari at all cost, so that the prophesy can never be fulfilled. For the first time after starting their quest the two realize that what a horrible world they were living in all their lives.

All the people in the authority want to keep the secrets hidden or buried so that no one can challenge their wisdom and none can contest their rule. For this they can not only kill Mari but also can slay the whole specie to prove that they are right.

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The broken kingdom of Tiae is reached of which we got a hint in The Assassins of Altis  this is the place where the storm first appeared. Now the couple and its friends want to start building a protection against the storm from this place. They start to gather people too who show a rebellious nature towards the rulers of Dematr. Most of the people now know that it is together that they can survive the storm under the leadership of the girl who shows all hints of fulfilling the prophesy.

Jack Campbell increases the seriousness in the story and the romantic element is not all that visible between the couple that is now quite close to one another. MacLeod Andrews is also using more serious tone in narration to depict the intensity of the upcoming war scenes along with the approaching storm of course. Member Benefit

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    The Assassins of Altis

    The Servants of the Storm


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