The Pity Heart

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The second chapter of the Nick Drake series by Dwight Holing series takes us back to the era of 1968. Where the old soldier wants to do something positive with his life in these few years that he supposes are left with his life.

Besides action and suspense, another thing that makes the series quite interesting is the way the era is described by the writer. It appears that the writer has made proper research of the era and the trends and settings of that time.

The narrator Charles Leggett also uses an accent that coordinates well with the era. This time Nick becomes a game warden instead of wildlife ranger. The job that he adopted in the first part The Sorrow Hand.

But problems and action once again strike him the day a fighting jet lands on his land. This time the fight is against the army. Perhaps the toughest he ever faces as the opponent is not only in bulk but the whole force is equally trained as well.

Nick is once again found committed as ever in his fight to bring out the corrupt in the ranks of his own army. The good thing about the series is that each part is an independent one and can be read as a single piece. Because the stories are not connected with one another. Every part has a proper start and a complete finish.

There are no endless tags left by the writer, the only thing that we find common in the series is the main character Nick, who is on a new mission whenever we meet him.

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    The Sorrow Hand


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