The Plains of Passage

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Legends of Jean M. Auel’s mystery girl continue as she moves out of the Mammoth Hunters’ village too. With her again is Jondalar who is now looking at a different side of a girl who saved him in The Valley of Horses. Not only she can tame horses but she can also establish contact with the rest of the animals as well. Contacting a wolf in its language and tone is not less than a miracle.

Jondalar and Ayla aim for the grassland of Europe this time and they aim to find a place for themselves where they can finally settle. Till now none of the clans they know have accepted them. Jondalar once had a clan but after being associated with the wild creature known as Ayla he has lost his old home too. The man has no regrets and all he wants is a nice and quiet time with the love of his life.

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Enemies are faced and friends are met on the voyage that the two have started and the more they travel in the company of one another the more they get the chance to come closer. The present ride that Sandra Burr narrates is much wilder as compared to the first one in The Clan of the Cave Bear.

Two love birds move on the landscape like the waves in an ocean, there is no stopping as they move from one continent to another in search of their dreamland. Firm belief can be seen on their faces, they are fully aware that the place they are looking for does exist on the face of the earth.


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