The Poisonwood Bible

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It is in narrated form and Barbara Kingsolver the author lets the narrators go lose so that they can tell the story as an original. Although it all fictional but our mind and heart tend to believe that it is all true. Nathan Price’s family is telling the story, the wife along with her four daughters tell us how they migrated from their home town for a mission.

The family went to Congo in the year 1959 because the man in the family was more serious about his mission as a Baptist. Although the family thought that they have planned for the journey and they had everything they were in need from their home still nothing was enough. They were unaware of the things they were going to face or witness in the new area they wanted to settle down their lives.

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They face heavy damage to their lives and property and suffer more than any other family on this earth. Still the hope is not lost as they try to rebuild what they have lost not because of any calamity but because of their own decision and poor planning. Dean Robertson’s narration of the grim family scenes can make it quite appealing for the emotional minds that have special association with the religion and their family.

The book also makes us remember Unsheltered and it seems at many places that the writer has enhanced that old theme a little more. Otherwise most of the things are quite the same if compared with accuracy and detailed version is observed. Fiction and religion is present in a mix form and one can say that the writer has tried to experiment too in which he succeeded. Member Benefit

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