The Portal and the Veil

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Ted Sanders is quite popular among young listeners and children with his exciting science-fictional novels. He has come up with some inspiring stories put into a series that the audience just adored so much. The Keepers, Book 4: The Starlit Loom, and The Portal and the Veil are among his best works so far. The Portal and the Veil is also good with its substance in all aspects of literary writing. The book is chapter 3 of The Keepers’ (Sanders) novel series.

Andrew Eiden is back again with the narration of this novel after giving satisfactory performances in the prior two chapters of the series. The listeners have settled quite well with his voice and the performance was once again good with no major issues to talk about.

In this novel, you will find Horace along with his mates discover the talismans of power might just be dying out. The race is now on to save their way of life and also the world just as we know it.

Horace along with his fellows is fighting the daunting battle of their lives. It was a battle that could decide the fate of everything and everyone that they love. Sometimes, it is seen that there are a lot of places to get stumble in the dark. Therefore, when one resourceful keeper and his Tan’ji get abducted, the Wardens had to check that who had betrayed them.

The Keepers (Sanders) series gets better with every novel that comes in and The Porter and the Veil have raised the bar further high. You will enjoy it especially with the spectacular performance given by Andrew Eiden.

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