The Prada Plan 2

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Leah’s Story

Quite often it is seen that a series with a female main character tends to lose its charm in public after a while or so. Most of the literature fans think that stories linked to women are weak especially thrillers and action stuff. Women should be confined to emotional tales only because they just cannot plan accurately for action. Ashley Antoinette successfully proves this notion wrong in her second installment of the Prada Plan. Leah wanted to marry Indie desperately but all her efforts failed when the man married YaYa. Leah was there in Indie’s list but on the second spot. Indie and YaYa got married and were soon blessed with a beautiful daughter.

Leah just failed to get over her jealousy against the couple. To get revenge on the couple she abducts their daughter to tease them as much as she can. Indie has no idea how to get his daughter back but YaYa thinks of another plan to keep her life in one piece. Failure of the mission from any side could result in destruction but both ladies are ready to check their limits.

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Honey Jones after The Prada Plan gained a lot of fame as a narrator and he has kept the audience intact in this finale too. Butterfly series could be started after this book as it is also one of Ashley’s best series. Themes would not relate to the Prada Plan series but one could see girls dominating in that series as well. Good stuff for adults who want to get themselves engaged in some serious fictional stuff with superb ending scenes in the final chapter of each book. Member Benefit

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