The Prefect

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New character in the old series brings lively energy to Alastair Reynolds masterpiece. Inspector Dreyfus the new emerging hero and the upcoming officer get a serious case in his hands as he is told about the death of nine hundred men.

The crime is so huge that it rocks the whole galaxy within no time and no one knows who had committed such a hideous crime. He hasn’t seen anything like this before in his life and no other officer has experienced such a thing in his career. Thus the investigation for the one of a kind case starts, we read about massive killing in Revelation Space and Chasm City but it was war time.

The enemies were clear and the motives were known but not this time there is a sinister force at work against the world population. Most of the people think that it was just the start of something bigger or an ultimatum for the world or what is left of it. Whoever is behind all this wants to take over the whole of the Glitter Band and then after that the domination will continue. Worse than slavery and tyranny the band fight faces an unseen force whose powers are just unlimited and indescribable.

For the final solution or disposal of the problem the master inspector has to destroy something that proved precious for him from the beginning. John Lee is continuing in the same pattern in which he narrated previous parts and no doubt it is a fine job that the narrator is doing. He knows where to put stress and where to put pauses in the scenes.

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