The Primal Hunter 3

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When Travis Baldree takes the job of narrating a series then the listener does not have to worry about anything. The quality of the voice and the clarity will never disappoint the audience at any stage. Zogarth has described Jake as a hunter and he truly lives according to his passions and desires.

Jake does not care about the things which are happening around him rather he likes the freedom which is allotted to him for the time being and the rest of the things can be dealt with later on.

The humans are back on earth and they are trying to settle down once again after losing their grip on the planet for a while. The cities are being reconstructed and there is god like figures who are leading everything but Jake is just hunting the wildlife and nothing else. He thinks that this is the primary motive of his life and he has the entire planet to roam free so he should not have a second thought in his mind.

The Primal Hunter and The Primal Hunter 2 introduced us to the hunters and they have not changed in their style at all. The way in which the author describes every character in the story is superb because Zogarth has given equal importance even to the secondary characters of the series.

There is no issue in the clarity of the story at any stage and the writer is in no mood of bringing sudden changes or twists to the series. Try to remain firm because this third part is a roller-coaster ride for the fans. The story will not take a break at any stage and it will move faster than the wind at the climax.

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