The Queen of Nothing

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 The Queen of Nothing is a science fiction fantasy novel. It is beautifully written and teens especially would find it quite entertaining and relatable. The author of this novel is Holly Black, who has a great repute among young book lovers. The novel itself is part 3 of The Folk of the Air. Caitlin Kelly is the narrator of this novel. Just like the prior chapters of this series, she managed to give another stunning performance for the audience. Her voice and expression was specifically appreciated by listeners.

If you are looking for more novels from the author, then there are plenty of them to mesmerize you. The Cruel Prince is her bestselling novel in New York Times.

Power is extremely easier to get than it is to hold on to it. Jude managed to learn this key lesson when she left her control over King Cardan. She left the control in exchange of the immeasurable power.

Jude is now powerless as the exiled Queen of Faerie. She had been left reeling from the surprising betrayal of the wicked King Cardan. Jude bides her time and she is now fully determined to get everything that King Cardan took from her. Opportunity came to her through Taryn, She is the unreliable twin sister of Jude and had her worldly life in peril.

Just should look to risk getting back to the deceitful Faerie Court. She should then confront the feelings for King Cardan, if she is determined to protect her sister.

The Queen of Nothing is the final chapter in The Folk of The Air trilogy. The audience would love this coming to an excellent conclusion.

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