The Queen of the Damned

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After the enormous success of the first two novels from The Vampire Chronicles series, the audiences had high hope from Anne Rice to come up with another masterpiece. Apparently, after seeing many reviews and feedbacks of The Queen of the Damned chapter, this also looks like to be a successful venture by the author. Simon Vance, just like the earlier two books has given his voice again for this novel as its narrator and it was definitely a job well done.

Anne Rice in this novel, The Queen of the Damned unleashes Akasha, who is actually the queen. She has just come out of her sleep after 6000 years. Her main aim is to get loose from the powers of the night. She has an incredibly devious plan, which is actually to save the mankind. This also relates with her intention to completely destroy the Lestat vampire. The novel is grasping, erotic, complex, sensual and entertaining about the electrifying world that belonged to the undead.

The creativity and imagination of Anne Rice is phenomenal and priceless. In this novel, she has traveled way back in time and in the ancient Egypt, which is even before the time pf pyramids being built. She also traveled with her imagination from the frozen peaks of Nepal to the sweating and crowded streets of Florida.

The Tale of the Body Thief and Interview with the Vampire are excellent novels by Anne Rice and the enormous response for these from critics and general audience definitely makes them worthy of listening. The audio version is brilliant and it promises to keep you entertained throughout with amazing performance by the narrator.













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    The Vampire Lestat

    The Tale of the Body Thief


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