The Queen of the Tearling

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The Queen of the Tearling is the debut novel of Erika Johansen. For a debut novel, the author received quite extraordinary appreciation from fans and critics, which is overwhelming. The subject novel is the opening chapter of the Queen of the Tearling trilogy. The other two exciting novels of this trilogy are The Fate of the Tearling and The Invasion of the Tearling.

The narration of The Queen of Tearling is done by Katherine Kellgren. She did a phenomenal job in that capacity and successfully managed to bring all the characters to life. You will also love her for the range of her voice and the energy she added to her performance.

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Princess Kelsea on her 19th birthday sets on a dangerous journey back to the castle where she was born. She was raised in exile for all these years. She wants to go there to take charge of the rightful throne. Kelsea had little resemblance with her mother which was the frivolous and vain Queen Elyssa. Kelsea by no means is defenseless now. There was a Tearling sapphire hanging around her neck. This jewel had some immense mysterious power. The Guard of Queen was accompanying her which was a band of the valiant knights. It was led by the dedicated and enigmatic Lazarus. Kelsea would require the support of the entire cadre to survive a possible attack by the enemies, who might use every available weapon for themselves.

The book has several characters and you will be in love with quite a few of them. Overall, they connect quite well in the storyline and make the entire experience quite enjoyable. Member Benefit

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