The Queen Unchained

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Generation Z, Book 6 is the ultimate chapter in the Generation Z novel series. Just as it had a grand opening in the first chapter, the conclusion of the series also couldn’t get any better. Peter Meredith is the writer and was able to pull off a great conclusion in this horror fictional novel. As in all of the prequels of this novel, Brian Callanan once again is a force with his powerful narration and his voice quality and expression is definitely appreciable.

Peter Meredith in this thrilling conclusion of the series has managed to create an unsurpassed imagination, power and vision. The Queen Unchained has transported us all in to a world that is completely filled with zombies, which are unlike to have or something we could have experienced before. 

But, there are still some worst thing to happen as compared to the undead or the zombies.

The Black Captain is claiming victory on every turn.

In the southern territory, Jenn Lockhart is all set to initiate her reign as the Queen, who still remains vulnerable and isolated. These are all the signs and indicators that leads to a future invasion very soon. Still, Jenn Lockhart has got a fleet that has got only one ship and an armed force comprised of ex-whores, a few cowardly men and a handful of children as well. All this army so far hasn’t run away for the reason that they were afraid to leave.

If you are looking for more novels by Peter Meredith, which is more likely to happen after going through the subject or any other novel from the Generation Z series, then you must check out Generation Z: The Queen Unthroned and Generation Z: The Queen of War.

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    1. I wanted to give this book 5 stars but I accidentally gave it a 1 by mistake. It’s a awesome series. I loved all the main characters.


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