The Reality Dysfunction

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Dawn of a new era for human race brings prosperity and joy for them as they spread all around the galaxy and form colonies there. It is the year 2600 AD that Peter F. Hamilton talks about in this opening chapter of his trilogy. Humans have got rid of all the problems that they once had, problems like over population and pollution does not exist anymore.

Also by the help of genetic engineering different diseases and physical problems are cured, moreover humans with the help of their new technologies now control nature. Covering distance in space was once a landmark in the history of mankind and now it is part of their daily routine. There are ships that take thousands of people from one colony to the other in split seconds.

War only exists in books for the humans because they don’t fight on stupid things anymore. Everything is in abundance and there exists no other race that can challenge the dominance of the humans. Then out of nowhere the Reality Dysfunction appears again in the universe, a race that is thought to be extinct long ago.

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Human rule is challenged and the enemy has returned to take back that once belonged to it. John Lee never slips in narrating fantasies and in this book he is right on target in the action scenes. For the fans of Salvation and Salvation Lost this is a nice little series by Peter, the author does not create boredom by too much details. Novels by Peter are always brief and to the point, space for romance is also limited in fantasies such as this one.




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