The Reaper

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The Reaper: Autobiography of One of the Deadliest Special Ops Snipers

Your job is never easy if you are in the forces because you have to lay your life on the line all the time. Still the soldiers they enjoy their duty because it is a sense of honor for them and at the same time getting rid of the bad guys give a soothing feeling to most. It is the sharing of memories by Gary Brozek and Nicholas Irving in the superb voice of Jeff Gurner who is surely a specialist in this business.

The book also reveals the inner thinking and the character of the operators. This is something that the news and media fails to bring to us because it informs about the mission alone. Nicholas was a sniper in the army and was not just an ordinary one he had a list of thirty three kills under his belt and it means that when you are assigning a job to the man you can consider it done.

The story that Nicholas starts telling us is about his mission in Afghanistan which over shadowed all of his previous works and achievements. He hit the targets in Afghanistan like none other and because of this his friends started calling him “The Reaper”.

He was thought to be a man of miracles after that. But here he meets his match in the form of an enemy sniper as well. Being an assassin is not an easy job especially when your team mates are thinking high of you and the authority is expecting a lot from you in every mission.

The personality, the thinking and the mental scenario of a sniper everything is just awesome about the book.

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