The Reckoning Zodiac Academy, Book 3

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The Reckoning: (An Academy Bully Romance) Zodiac Academy, Book 3

Zodiac Academy is not like Hogwarts at all and it means that the principal or your best friend would not be there for you when the evil will come for your soul. Those who have survived till this year have trusted only in their instincts rather than the school authority which is nowhere to be seen in the time of need. Vampires, lusty werewolves and the siren produced by the fae creatures are among some of the dangers which the students of the academy have to face almost daily.

Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti added so much variety in the initial part of the series that the characters of different kind just keep on coming. The authors never had to introduce any new character because everything about the characters was told in the first two parts that were also narrated by Bridget Bordeaux and Jake Bordeaux.

Now comes the third instalment where everything would be revealed to the audience and to the characters of the novel during the Lunar Eclipse. The days of “The Reckoning” are coming and it means that the senior students will create more troubles for the juniors, i.e troubles which could end their lives too.

It is an assignment which the senior students like more than anything else. Tory and Darcy have still survived and they are really worried about their results on this occasion. Broken Fae and Shadow Princess would become a must have item for the fans after they end this book which is loaded with ample material to make your day. Just don’t stop listening to more and more parts of this series which is written especially for the youngsters.

The Reckoning

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