The Red Queen

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The Red Queen is a splendid historical diction with a great and an engaging storyline. It is masterfully written by Philippa Gregory. The book is part of The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels. The narration of this novel is given jointly by Emily Watson and Gareth Armstrong, which proved to be a great combination and was lauded by almost everyone.

The Red Queen is the 2nd chapter in the stunning new trilogy by Philippa Gregory.

The Cousins War tells the tale of a highly shadowy, suspicious and an extremely mysterious character of Margaret Beaufort. This was the first book of the series and very gripping one and that actually led to developing interest in the subject sequel for the audience.

The Red Queen tells a fantastic tale of Edmund Tudor, who is a child bride. She got widowed in her early teenage. She use to make full use of her determination of character and her cunning plotting in order to infiltrate the York house under the semblance of a close and a loyal mate and a servant, undermine the Richard III sustenance and eventually ensure that Henry Tudor, her only son is able to conquest as the King of England.

Through the cooperation with the dowager Queen Elizabeth, it was Margaret, who actually agrees to have a betrothal among the daughter of Elizabeth and Henry, and through this, reuniting their families and resolving the issue associated with the Cousins War finally. This was possible to be done by the foundation of the Tudor dynasty.

The Lady of the Rivers and White Queen are other quality novels written by Philippa Gregory that are worth listening to in their audio book formats.




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