The Refugees

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The Refugees By Viet Thanh Nguyen

Debut novel proved a nice experiment for Viet Thanh Nguyen after which the author gained more confidence in the field. Although The Sympathizer was the first novel before that the author has been writing many short stories on different themes for over twenty years. Thus after the first success, Viet collects all those short stories in this book for the fans who wanted a quick response from the author after the first success. Viet Thanh Nguyen narrates these stories all by himself because these are not written all at once rather the author created them whenever he observed or felt something new.

Only he could have narrated it better than any other narrator because he knows the thought behind each of the creations. During the narration of each story, Viet goes into that mood in which the story was written. Most of the stories resemble elements that we can find in Nothing Ever Dies. Vietnamese refugees face terrible circumstances in the stories when they are forced to leave their native land because of the war situation.

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These refugees move not only to new lands but also to new cultures that they fail to adopt. Some start living among people who are proud to be gay. Then there are stories about love at first sight and the vanishing of love between couples. Stories are not action-based, all of the stories are written as if the author has seen these circumstances during his lifetime. Viet not only describes the story but he also conveys with it the feeling which only that man can describe who has seen it.

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