The Renaissance

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There came a time in history when people decided to move forward in everything. They tried to bring new things to every field of life whether it was literature or science. The old theories were rejected if they weren’t proper proof. Will Durant finally bring us to the era of the Renaissance? This is the fifth volume and it is the most interesting part of history that we are going to listen to in Grover Gardner’s voice.

The author starts the book with a description of the poets of that era which he is going to discuss. Petrarch and Boccaccio brought a revolution to the field of literature with their poetical work. They didn’t follow the old ways of writing poems also the concepts which these two introduced were matchless. Then art flourished in Milan, Venice, and Florence.

There the painters started developing new patterns and they developed paintings that emerged as masterpieces. The way people used to dress previously also changed during this era. Not to forget the wars which also took place because of several reasons. Caesar and Christ and The Age of Faith, Volume 4 didn’t discuss wars and a difference of opinion between rival groups. This book has a lot to say on this topic as it was an age when the difference of opinion was allowed.

Whoever was able to present and defend his philosophy in a better way was acceptable by society. Religion slowly lost its grip on society during this era. We can say that from here on the modern world started to appear on the scene of the globe.

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