The Reptile Room

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This is a series of unfortunate events so get prepared for anything that might come in your way during the regular course of life. Lemony Snicket writes another one of his masterpiece series to provide the audience with what they have been waiting for. The three children named Violet, Sunny, and Klaus are of the type that anyone would have thought of having. These children are adorable and attractive too but life has not been very kind to them.

So far they have faced tragedies that could easily alarm an adult too. In the previous part of this series, the three children faced a terrible villain who was after their fortune. They have saved their fortune but in the act of doing so, they have encountered a big fire and also a dangerous serpent that could have easily eaten them up.

Survival was the key and they survived all the wild things. The troubles are not over for these unlucky chaps because they have to face more disasters in order to keep themselves alive. Tim Curry narrates another one linked to the unfortunate children in the form of this book. The book is comic in approach but the situations in which the children find themselves really show that their luck has run out.

Poison for Breakfast and The Bad Beginning, A Multi-Voice Recording will provide the fans same kind of stories. These stories are hilarious on most occasions but at the time of climax, there is a seriousness that takes over. The dangers, and threats that the kids face, look quite real and they don’t appear to be very dramatic or fake.

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    The Bad Beginning, A Multi-Voice Recording

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