The Republic of Thieves

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Since the day the first book was launched, the series has inspired many and this book presents one of the most awaited conclusions. Scott Lynch is back with his famous creation i.e “Gentleman Bastard” the gang that loots from the rich but does give the loot to the poor. Though the band is supposed to help the poor but they think about their own luxuries more than the poor on the street.

Their missions have lead them to troubles not known to mankind before but they have succeeded to hit targets precisely all the time. Success does not mean that Locke and Jean have not lost anything during their suicidal missions, they have lost friends and moreover they have lost love. Jean in particular has recently lost his darling and that’s why we see him mostly mourning at the start. For Locke the hero of The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies it is time to meet his beloved once again.

Only this time they have landed on the opposite sides and are now on a mission to destroy one another. Bonds Magi have hired Sabetha for the final disposal of Locke and in order to survive Locke too has to get rid of the love of his life.

Locke and Sabetha have known each other since their childhood and it is very difficult to understand that why they have reached to such a point in life. Michael Page has felt difficulty in narrating the male and female character at the same time but the balance was maintained after the first four chapters and the rest is error free.

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