The Return of Rafe MacKade

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The novel is branded as a novel with romance but you don’t find it in the initial chapters that are full of action and fights on the streets. Rafe MacKade is back in town which is a bad new for many as the handsomely dressed bad boy is the real deal. He has been gone out of town for more than a decade and now he has finally returned.

All the cases are close and there are no issues against him however he is in mood of start everything all over. Regan Bishop the new girl in the town is of the view that a rebel has no place in the decent society and that she would not be tempted by the appealing charm of the bad boy.

A few kisses later however she changes her opinion altogether and thus the street fights go on. There are also hints that Regan has originally not gone crazy about the man perhaps she is working on a plan and the love and romance is one way of getting closer to the dangerous rebel.

She plans to change him with the essence of romance and love but it is apparent that the rebel can turn the table within no time. Nora Roberts has really created wild characters in this series and this work compels us to go through other books like Of Blood and Bone and Year One.

Luke Daniels the master narrator shows his true colors in another marvelous tale romance and raw emotions that can make anyone crazy if he likes sensational stuff. The book has a strong plot and no weakness at all, although the book is not with a lot of positive messages but still exciting in all sense.


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