The Rooster Bar

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John Grisham’ mystery thrillers are very thought provoking and makes you believe as if the imagination of the novelist is real. That is the beauty of his writing and you will definitely love it. The Rooster Bar is one such mystery thriller, which has its individuality in heaps of contemporary novels on this genre. The narration of this novel is given by Ari Fliakos who knows the art of connecting with the audience with his sharp and stern high quality voice.

This legal thriller is a story about Mark, Zola and Todd, who joins a law school with the intention of changing the world. They wanted this place to make a much better place to live in. But, now, these close friends in the 3rd year of their law school feel that that have been duped.

They all borrowed a good amount of money for the sake of attending a for-profit 3rd tier school, which was so below average that the graduates from the school rarely were able to pass their bar exam. Getting good jobs was totally a different world for them. When these close friends realized that their law school is one of a chain owned by a suspicious hedge-fund operator of New York who is also an owner of a bank meant for student loans, so all 3 of them knew that they have been fooled by The Great Law School Scam.

The Reckoning and The Guardians are some other engaging novels written by John Grisham, which have the potential to inspire you a lot. As expected from the novelist, these recommended novels are mystery thrillers, which deserves a chance to be listened.







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