The Rose and the Thorn

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After the success of the first part of “The Riyria Chronicles” the second part is the one that was being anticipated for a long time. This part was no doubt something more significant as compared to the first part because in the first part the story only opens before us.

This chapter provides the dramatic twists and the base for the trilogy that might wind up the quest of the two unlikely heroes. Michael J. Sullivan in the first part joined the two professionals in bond that they could never broke and though they hate each other’s presence still cannot go on without one another. Riyria is finally born in this part someone of whom we heard a lot in the first part The Crown Tower  and now the prophecy or prediction has become true.

The two friends have been successful in accomplishing their goal as they return to Medford. Royce Melborn however is not the same anymore after the loss of Gwen DeLancy, a girl who sacrificed a lot in order to save Royce and Hadrian. Gwen does not want to meet Royce in order to keep him safe from the dangers that surround her.

She knows that Royce would come for revenge if he is informed about her state but again this is something that she does not want. The narrator is the same as Tim Gerard Reynolds continues to amuse us with the strong voice that he possesses which is a perfect match for such a tale.

The avenging tones, pains and the pangs of separation are matchlessly narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds throughout the two parts.




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