The Sable Quean

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The Sable Queen is the 20th installment in the fantastic Redwell novel series. So far, more than 20 million copies of the series are sold and it is enough to tell that how successful this series is. It is arguably one of the most popular sagas of all time. The Sable Quean is a children audiobook which has some really amazing action and adventure. This is exactly what the book lovers associate its author, Brian Jacques with.

The narration of this nearly 14 hours audio novel is done by Brian Jacques. He included a team of narrators in support to play the diverse range of characters that this series has. They all managed to give a sensational performance which is cherished by audience to the maximum.

This novel revlves around the story of the Sable Quean, Vilaya. The other dominating character is of her henchman, Zwilt who set their evil eye on the Redwall Abbey. But, the other significant heading towards the Redwall Abbey is Buckler. He is actually the blade-master associated with the Long Patrol, who is a brave-heart hare suited perfectly to the status of a hero.

The Brian Jacques storytelling is quite colorful. His novels usually have multiple characters where all of them collectively plays a significant role towards the success of the novel. You will experience the same flavor in The Sable Quean novel as well.

It is quite brilliantly written and the audiobook through excellent narration will book you for hours of entertainment. This book is nothing short to be called as the stuff of legend. The book is highly recommended for children, teenagers, young adult and even beyond age groups.




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