The Scarecrow

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The Scarecrow is the 2nd installment of Jack McEvoy novel series, which is a modern detective mystery thriller. It is authored by Michael Connelly, who is regarded as one of the finest contemporary writer of his time on mystery thrillers. The narration of this novel is handled by Peter Giles, who managed to make this book even more enjoyable with all his skills and voice with which the audience could connect.

The Scarecrow is the most defining murder story of Michael Connelly that he has ever written.

When forced to go out of the Los Angeles times during recession. Jack McEvoy, the newspaper man decided to go with a bang and to use his final days with the newspaper to write a mystery murder story.

Jack McEvoy focuses on the life of a 16 year old drug dealer, Alonzo Winslow. He was sentenced a jail term for confessing to a murder. But, just as he gets a bit deeper into the story, he realized that confession of Alonzo was bogus and has nothing to do with reality. The kid was innocent actually.

Jack very soon is found running with his most prominent story since his novel, The Poet, which actually made his flourishing career as a writer. He is now tracking a murderer, who operates in complete secrecy and was never coming under the police radar. He had just about perfect knowledge of any kind of move, which is made against him.

The Black Echo: Harry Bosch Series, Book 1 and Dark Sacred Night novels are written by Michael Connelly, who has once again given a great piece of entertainment for all his fans on crime mystery thriller.






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