The Scarlet Ruse

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John D. Macdonald is an American author and has written plenty of short stories and novels. His real identification became the Travis McGee novel series which spans to 21 chapters. It is an exceptionally well written crime fiction mystery thriller and The Scarlet Ruse is one amazing chapter out of it. Some other brilliant works by author are The Deep Blue Good-By and Pale Gray for Guilt. These two chapters are also part of the Travis McGee novel series.

Robert Petkoff has done the marvelous narration of this novel. His voice is majestic and audience loved him for the quality of his tone and subtle expression for all the characters that he played.

In this 14th chapter of the series, you will find Travis McGee way too involved with his houseboat in order to pay due attention to the old man. It was all for the postage stamps which were missing. Except these, there were no other ordinary stamps. They were quite rare. They were actually $400,000 worth rare which obviously wasn’t a small amount. If Travis McGee misses out on recognizing the value or real worth of those stamps then Alice McDermit will do the needful who knows all the ways to the heart of the boat bum. It wasn’t only the heart of Travis which was in danger. A killer has given a contract on Travis. The killer was someone who actually knows a way or two about the stamps and a lot more about Travis as well.

The story as usual is gripping which is expected from John D. MacDonald. The character of Travis McGee is at his usual best as well.

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