The Scorch Trials

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Maze Runner comes to the second most anticipated part ever, the origin told us about the WICKED and the creation of the Maze by Thomas. Now being in the maze the team has to look for a way to get out of this hell.

Troubles loom around every corner and the one who can help the team has his memory completely erased. James Dashner here paints the deadliest of traps for the Gladers that the pass with cunningness and skills. Thomas slowly starts getting some hints from his past life which means that his mind is retrieving the old files. With all these problems at hand Thomas and Gladers still make their way out of the mess that the called the Maze.

But it was just the beginning for them because the WICKED now launch the Scorch trials. The timespan allotted to the team is again fixed and if they don’t pass the traps and trials in two weeks they would be dead meat for sure. Gladers and Thomas have faced terrible trials before but this time there are enemies in the Scorch trials. And those enemies too are fighting for their life because if the Gladers reach the end in one piece the other party will die a terrible death. So to survive they must get rid of the Gladers.

The Maze Runner and The Death Cure complete this trilogy which is like a travelogue and all the fun would be destroyed if you try to listen to Mark Deakins in random order. Each part paints the next level in which the heroes enter to complete their search. They are searching for peace and a way to get rid of the WICKED that are plaguing their lives.


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    The Maze Runner

    The Death Cure


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