The Sealed Citadel

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Kill time for Cally’s clan the one that has vowed not use their powers for killing anyone in the wizard world or the world beyond. Cally is new to the art of magic and is just an Apprentice currently, he is only taught the initial steps and the main order of not to kill. The “Order” lives by the rules and codes that are made by the adult masters and no one has ever broken the code. Even when the Lannovians attacked the clan with a monster that was too big even for their man the “Order” captured the monster with its skill but never attacked back. Now the accursed enemies after trying for ages to free the monster are coming for a truce.

Cally is new to all this but still taken to the meeting by the Master of the Order. Sadly nothing goes well in the meeting when it appears to be an ambush rather than a welcome party. Cally and a soldier remain successful in saving their skin but from the look of it they guess that the enemy has finally calculated a way to free the demon. Cally and his friend the soldier possess the skill to save their land but the cost is heavy, they have to break the code they are bound to follow at every cost.

They have to kill for their survival and for the protection of their land. Edward W. Robertson’s work has been narrated by the specialist of fiction Tim Gerard Reynolds who has a voice tailor made of this category of action. This one is not less than What Lies Beyond in potential and presentation and can too be added in one of the masterpieces of the author.

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