The Second Betrayal

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The story continues immediately after the end of Book One and the plot continues to thicken. The intrigue grows, and we find poor Ruwen finally coming to terms with what he has to do. He probably would have figured it out sooner, if it weren’t for those darned debuffs!

The pacing of the story is perfect, and the introduction of new mechanics has you asking all of the right questions. Like a comfortable heavy blanket, you will find yourself enjoying on a cold day, this story will fill you with that same soothing warmth. You’ll become quite connected to the characters with their fun and believable banter. All of these things will leave you with a burning hunger for more.

It should also go without saying, but I find myself having to say it anyways. Travis Baldree continues to do a wonderful job and is quickly becoming my all-time favorite narrator, and he should be yours.

I absolutely enjoy this series and Travis did another excellent job bringing it to life. Most stories go with a time skip to make more time pass and add filler but honestly its only been less then a week in story and it’s still packed with so much depth and enjoyable moments. I love the mix of Litrpg and Cultivation A. F. Kay has truly made something special. Can’t wait for the book 3 release.

This is exactly how a litRPG should be. There is character build but it doesn’t take up too much time or repeat character description with attributes. There are dungeons, different classes, raids/group fighting, there is loot, drops, magic, abilities, and more! I have thoroughly enjoyed the series thus far and am excited to see how it progresses. Additionally…I have to say AFK made me chuckle. Listen to this book and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! Highly recommend.

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