The Secret Keeper

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The Secret Keeper is an engrossing novel written by Kate Morton. The author is quite versatile in her writing and knows the art of getting attention of the prospect audience. This joy and enthusiasm you will feel throughout the length of this novel. It is a contemporary fiction novel, where the twists and turns gives life to it and keep audience engaged throughout. Caroline Lee has given the narration of this novel in her stern voice and highly expressive tone.

The story is set in England in the year 1959. The character of Laurel Nicolson is introduced right at the start of this chapter. She is a 16 years old girl, who at the time is dreaming all alone in her beloved treehouse. This was going on at a time when there were some celebrations going on with the entire family.

Their home was right in the middle of the Green Acres Farm. Just when the celebrations were in full swing, Laurel noticed a suspicious stranger coming up to the farm through the road and then she looked at Dorothy, her mother, who started talking with the stranger. It was just then when she became witness to a serious crime committed.

50 years later, Laurel is now a top class actress and living her life in London. She returns back to Green Acres in order to celebrate the 90th birthday of Dorothy. She recalled all the memories of her childhood and also remembered all the questions for which she still doesn’t have any answer.

The Forgotten Garden and The Lake House novels by Kate Morton earned good appreciation both in the eyes of critics and general audience.





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