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Whoever has listened to fiction over the decade or so knows Lee Child’s favorite creation i.e Jack Reacher. Jack is the sort of guy who is always there when a person in trouble needs him. He is like a guardian who is keeping an eye on you without being noticed. Lee Child takes the help of Andrew Child in the creation of this 25th part of the series. Like many other of these outclassed books, this novel is also narrated by the legend known as Scott Brick. The story starts with the same old routine in which Reacher is going nowhere.

He walks slowly in a casual manner looking for some fun and action in his life. Trouble is one thing he does not want in his quiet life but it just gets attracted to him. In Tennessee, he finds a man who looks in need of his help. The man named Rusty Rutherford was once an IT manager, now he has turned into nobody after the cyberattack on the town. His company blamed him for the whole case thus he got exterminated from the job. Now he wants to get his name off the case so that he can get his job back or try to get a new one.

In this mental stress, Rutherford was not expecting an attack by four people out of nowhere. Luckily he had Reacher near him to save him from collateral damage. Jack Reacher after saving him demanded some explanation which Rutherford was unable to give. So Jack understands that he finally has another case at hand which he just cannot leave. Like Killing Floor and Blue Moon Lee Child and his brother Andrew Child have added mystery in this novel. Scenes slowly build up into different patterns here making the story more interesting and absorbing for all of us.

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