The Serpent’s Shadow

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The end approaches, Carter and Sadie have finally started realizing their true potential in magic and wizardry. They have a responsibility that they cannot deny at any rate as the descendents of the House of Life they should restore order in the world. The word sounds attractive but the task is not that easy, one has to deal with gods for it. Rick Riordan makes stepwise progress in this series nothing was abrupt that would show similarity with The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost Hero, and The Son of Neptune.

The most important task that the two sisters had in hand was to contain the Chaos snake and sadly they failed in it. The earth is left with three days time in which the sisters must forge an army against the deadly creature. The world of magicians is not united and the gods that are left alive are in an exhausted form. The sun god, Ra is of no use at all because he is in a condition that is worthless in war conditions.

The only option the clan is left with is to call Ghost of psychopathic magician but it could possibly kill the sister in the process. Even if the ghost appears he can make everyone crazy within no time and resultantly would prove as a bigger threat than the Apophis.

Still the two sisters mad about their goal take the leap into darkness, no one can refrain them from achieving their goal. Goes with the same narrators Kevin R. Free and Katherine Kellgren are the real deal for fantasy and drama in the books written precisely for the kids.




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